About Judge Michael John Ryan

About Judge Michael John Ryan

I am Common Pleas Juvenile Court Judge Michael John Ryan and am running to serve as a judge on the Eighth District Court of Appeals. I want to continue the legacy of my mentor, friend and colleague Judge Larry Jones Sr. He unexpectedly passed away in 2021 while serving on the Eighth District Court of Appeals.

My 20 years as a judicial officer has provided the experience and prepared me for this next step. I have worked as a prosecutor, defense attorney and judge. On the Eighth District Court of Appeals, I will be firm, lenient—when necessary—but always fair.

I have committed my personal life and legal career to improve our community. I have served as a deacon. My service as a board member includes these organizations: Sisters of Charity Foundation, Kym Sellers Foundation, Literacy Cooperative, Step Forward, St. Edward High School and the Cleveland Foundation’s Scholarship Selection Committee. 

My greatest experiences came from serving our Cleveland community as a magistrate, Municipal Court judge and a Common Pleas Juvenile Court judge. I am proud to give back daily when taking the bench.

I have overseen some of our worst crimes: aggravated murders and robberies, rapes, domestic violence and driving under the influence. I have resolved complex custody cases, civil litigation and small claims. I am skilled in personal injury and employment cases. 

Throughout my life, I encountered what it means to grow up with the odds stacked against you. I was the son of a teenage, drug-addicted mom. I didn’t meet my biological father until I was 25—he was in prison. My stepfather—a heroin addict—mercilessly beat my mom. He later went to prison. 

When I was 13, a drug addiction killed my mom. That changed my life. Most of my childhood was spent in the Longwood Projects. I attended 11 schools from kindergarten through tenth grade. 

Still, I graduated from high school and earned scholarships and college and law degrees. Those experiences propelled me to give my best to serve you. 

I’m excited to meet even more stakeholders in communities and neighborhoods across Cuyahoga County! Along with my wife, kids, family, church family and the many organizations I serve, please join us to vote for Michael John Ryan for Ohio’s Eighth District Court of Appeals. 

To join our team, please send your email and phone number. Thank you for your continued support to elect Judge Michael John Ryan for Eighth District Court of Appeals.